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    Congratulations to these winners!!


      Congratulations to these winners!!!

      Latest Weekly Winner: Vikki Costa, U.S.
      Latest Monthly Winner: Linda Hunter, U.S.


      Weekly Winner: Jianhua Zhong, China

      Weekly Winner: Nasira Gardezi, Pakistan

      Weekly Winner: Gulnar Atik, Turkey

      Weekly Winner: Pratima Nayak, India

      Weekly Winner: Susan Gauthier, U.S.

      Weekly Winner: Antonio F. Caveiro, Philippines

      Weekly Winner: Dr. Tuan Jah Tuan Yusof, Malaysia

      Weekly Winner: Natalya Suhaya, Russia

      Weekly Winner: Mahmoud Gamal Mohamed Abdul-Hafeez, Egypt

      Weekly Winner: Ella Vorokh, Ukraine

      Weekly Winner: Kavita Agarwal, India

      Weekly Winner: Fabiana Gourques, Brazil

      Weekly Winner: Stephanie Prado, U.S.

      Weekly Winner: Atifa Arooj, Pakistan

      Weekly Winner: Linda Hunter, U.S.


      September Winner: Jianhua Zhong, China

      October Winner: Gulnar Atik, Turkey

      November Winner: Ella Vorokh, Ukraine

      December Winner: Linda Hunter, U.S.


      Share your story and you could be next!


      How can you increase your odds of winning?

      Criteria for selecting the winning stories:

      • Story is specific about Intel Teach (how Intel Teach has transformed teaching and learning).
      • Story offers descriptive, compelling examples of        
        • How students are learning differently (specific examples that demonstrate 21st century skills (such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration), better classroom engagement, academic improvement, taking on leadership roles, more motivation for future/careers,…)


        • How teachers are teaching differently and what that means for their students (specific examples that demonstrate change in pedagogical practices in the classroom, focus on 21st century skills, more excitement about profession, more collaborative with other teachers, taking on leadership roles…)


      Every story is important! Please take the time to share yours, we truly appreciate it!

      Share your story here: http://10millionteachers.intel.com/

      And then let us know on our Teachers Engage FaceBook page which stories are your favorites!


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