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    Which technology tools do you rank as #1, #2, & #3? Why?

      We have been blessed with so many types of technology tools to support the Digital Natives that come through our doors each year. Some of the tools might include (not limited to) are:


      Desktop computers

      Netbook computers

      Laptop computers

      iPad 1

      iPad 2

      iPod Touch




      Digital Microscope (list brand)

      Digital Camera

      Flip Camera

      Livescribe Smartpen

      Document Camera/projector

      Interactive Whiteboard system

      Wireless interactive tablet


      Other: ________


      Which tools are your top 3 and why do you rank them so high? Please include all of the tools that you have and the age/grade-level of your students.

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          1) computer/wireless/iPad -- versatile, multipurpose tool for everyone

          2) projector/doc camera -- we learn so much through what we see; projector makes seeing what we're teaching so much easier

          3) digital camera -- video is so easy and students can do so much with it.


          Software/Web 2.0:

          1) internet -- info at your fingertips

          2) google docs/pbworks -- great for collaboration and accessibility

          3) the cloud -- don't have to worry so much about hard drive crash; great for sharing and for accessibility

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            My Tech tool in hardware is


            2.Desktop computer

            4.my  eReader Kindle

            5.My digital camera

            software are many

            Besides basic  software applications

            Knovio  which converts ppt into video

            and many more

            I use all of them during teacher trainings as Senior Trainer.

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                I'm going to check out knovio. It sounds a lot like brainshark, but with video (brainshark has narration). Thanks for the tip.

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                    It is hard to narrow down but I can try and give you my opinion as to what I see the teachers favoring:


                    #1  computer/projector (teachers need their own computer to take attendance, do their spreadsheets, etc and a projector in replacement of the chalkboard, this gives access for showing websites, videos)/the interactive whiteboard (not all classrooms have this but those with it say they can't live w/o it)

                    #2 laptops (a tool that increases class participation and real meaningful hands-on projects)

                    #3 the document camera (a nice way to zone in on papers, do corrections immediately where all can view)

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                  Wow!  The world has changed since  we went to school!  Students now have access to so many resources and  the opportunity to collaborate with others around the world.


                  It  is hard to limit my choice to 3 tools.  I will try and I will be  answering this question as a kindergarten teacher.  My choices are:

                  #1  Laptops/desktops

                  It all begins here!


                  #2  Document camera/projector

                  The  document camera was used daily in my classroom.  We tracked print,  students used manipulatives to explain their mathematical thinking, we  watched the Decorah eagles through live streaming, and much, much more.


                  #3  Digital microscopes

                  Digital  microscopes engage children and bring science alive.  The digital  microscopes are user friendly; they are easy for kindergarten students  to use.  The digital microscopes encourage inquiry and collaboration.


                  It  is wonderful to have iPads, iTouches, iPods, et all, but I feel that  the top 3 tools are the basics and we can't teach without them!

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                    iChoices, choices...hmm.


                    I would have to agree with Robbie. I think I would rank my Mac Laptop computer as #1. It allows me to use it as a multiple tool. I can take pictures, screenshots, record voice, use it as an interactive white board, play music etc.


                    #2 would be my iPhone because it also allows me to de all of the above, but not at the ease and speed as the laptop.


                    #3 would be an iPad. It allows you to do all of the above with the same restricts as #2

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                      just my laptop and mobile phone...