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    How do you Save and/or Share resources?


      As I continue my search for helpful resources for teachers, I have been discovering some wonderful tools/sites for keeping track of resources. I am always looking for new ideas and tips.

      One of my favorites is Diigo for social bookmarking, good for sharing and saving. I enjoy searching Diigo to see who has bookmarked resources for whatever topic. See this sample result when searching for interactive whiteboards. However, I have installed the Diigo toolbar on my browser; the problem I have is the "Read Later" tab. I have clicked that too many times to remember, and now must revisit all those sites.


      My second that I am finally taking time to explore is LiveBinders. I like this site because I can create virtual 3-ring binders of resources. This allows you to create tabs and sub-tabs that show a picture of the site on the tab. On the Featured Binders tab on their site, the majority of the tabs are in the Education category. You can share Binders publicly or use a code to share with a link. I'm enjoying creating Binders, Tabs and Sub-tabs by topics and tools. You also have the ability to upload documents and media to tabs. Here is my first binder about Screen Sharing.


      My question for you is how do you keep track of all the sites, links and ideas? What is a good approach for organizing everything?