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    Digital Learning Day: February 1, 2012


      Are you planning on participating?


      February 1, 2012 — Digital Learning Day


      The Alliance for Excellent Education invites you – teachers,  students, parents, principals, district administrators, as well as state  and national education leaders – to engage in Digital Learning Day, a  year-long campaign to celebrate bold, creative innovative teachers in  classrooms across this nation. These front-line innovators are already  embedding digital learning into new instructional practices to ensure  that every student leaves the classroom ready for college, career and  life success.  We ask you to join with us, as with them, as we launch an  unprecedented, collaborative effort to expand innovation into every  city, town, school and classroom in America!


      The first national Digital Learning Day is Wednesday, February 1, 2012.  Please  join the Alliance and our more than 20 nationally recognized core  education partners as we work together to rally support and action to  enable digital learning everywhere. (Intel is a sponsor)


      And remember, Digital Learning Day is more than just one day; it is  an ongoing campaign to ensure that EVERY child gets the best possible  education in today’s world economy and global society.  You can help to  ensure that all students experience innovation, personalized learning,  and great teaching every day.



      No matter the approach, no matter the grade level, no matter the  subject or geographic location, no matter the teacher’s specific comfort  with using technology, Digital Learning Day will challenge education  professionals and policymakers at all levels to start a conversation,  make a proclamation, improve a lesson, or create a plan. To help you  participate in the campaign, we will create and share ideas, tools and  templates – including digital learning project ideas tailored for  various grades and academic subjects.  Together we can rekindle and  re-energize the national effort to effectively integrate digital  learning.


      Please sign up today!   Whether you are a parent or student or represent a state, a  district,  school, or a classroom, you can take action today to ensure that the  students, teachers and schools you care about are part of this  ground-breaking event.  Simply click the sign up button at the top of  the page to get more information and  updates to help you plan, learn,  and share ideas and approaches to make Digital Learning Day a success in  your community, school, or classroom.


      Let us know if you sign up to participate and share your ideas of how you plan on partiicipating.