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    Music Unit Plans

      Received a request from a potential Thinking with Technology participant: Any ideas about how to incorporate the Thinking Tools with Music, Middle School Band, Music Theory, etc.?

      I tried to browse Unit Plans, but for some reason can not access any of the tools or the Designing Effective Projects section normally found here: http://educate.intel.com/en/projectdesign

      Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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          Monique, I was a music teacher for 35 years in grades K-12.  Here are a couple of suggestions.  For middle school general music, you might have them rank the attributes of a career in music.  What is most important, etc.  For music theory, they might want to look at what influences the culture had on a specific period of music, such as the Classical, Baroque, etc. 


          Hope these help.  Art, music and PE are always hard to work with.