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    Profile Update Drive! Weekly drawings!


      bunnyatwork_small.jpg Our profile fields have been updated recently so we are conducting a promotion for our community members to update their profile with accurate information. This is important to the health of our community; an accurate profile helps us determine authentic members from profiles set up by spammers.


      Your name will be entered automatically into our weekly drawings when your profile is updated and all required fields are completed AND an avatar is present (see Avatar sites for ideas on updating your avatar).




      To update your profile:

      • Click on your name once you have logged into communityProfile_fields.PNG
      • Click on edit profile, from the Action box on the top right.
      • Complete the following fields: Country, State/region, Occupational Role, Intel Education Role, Intel PD Course Taken. Of course you can also take this time to edit your login credentials such as Username, email, first and last name, email and password.
      • Add an avatar if you haven’t already by clicking on change photo and avatar from the Action box



      BunnyPeople.jpg Once you have done this, you are automatically entered into a weekly drawing for a for 13.5" Bendable BunnyPeople™ Doll AND the drawing for the grand prize: a  Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 4034CLB Netbookdell.jpg.  This promotion will run from November 7 through December 15.  We will have four weekly winners and one grand prize winner that will be notified via email (so make sure your email is accurate!).


      Winners will also be announced in this thread weekly.


      For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the blue Intel Bunny Person at the top of this thread.