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    Bonnie Feather

      I like to read about new members to the community.  Each day there are many new members from around the world, and I often get to send messages of welcome.  However, recently there have been some small problems with the area that lets me see who is new, and I have not been able to welcome new members for a little while.


      So, if you are new to the community, please add your introduction to the discussion "Who's in our Community?"  We are so happy to have you here!


      Also, new and returning members may be interested in a few other areas.

      If you scroll to the bottom of the first page within ”Teachers Engage," you  will find "Content by Topic," a list of tags, or categories under which  discussions are organized. One of the ones I enjoy is here.


      I hope you will go to the discussion linked here and post  information about the classrooms where you live and teach. We are all eager to  learn more about your schools and communities!


      Many members of our community live and teach outside the U.S.  Many different situations exist among the educators in our community, and not all of us can utilize technology with our students.  In many cases, the teacher may want sites to find information, worksheets, or ideas and lesson plans.  Let's all be sure to share these types of resources as well as the high-tech sites which depend on students to have access to computers.


      To make your own group inside the Community, go here and learn how!


      Anywhere in  the community, you can hover with your mouse over someone’s name and scroll down  to “Add them as my friend.” It’s easy to find what your “friends” are posting in  the community! Click on “Your Stuff” at the top of any page and scroll down to  “Friends.”  I’d love to be your first friend! Try it!


      Is your school trying out a 1:1 initiative? If you are in that  situation, or your school is thinking about it, be sure to check out the“Transforming  Learning with 1:1" area! You'll find lots of sharing there, and you will be  able to see how it's going in schools and districts already using 1:1 devices as  well as sharing your experiences!  One of the new, exciting ideas is allowing students to bring in Personally Owned Devices.  There are several discussions here in the community which might be of interest.


      I have so much fun with my online friends in the Engage Community, and  I  hope you will, too! I'll be looking forward to your contributions in the  discussions. If you ever need assistance with the community, please don't  hesitate to send me a private message. I'll be happy to help.


      ~Bonnie Feather
      Community Moderator (one of many!)

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          yes and i really want to get the project teaching skills. intel is new in Uganda and a few of us can use it well. please help me enjoy this service and improve my teaching

            • Welcome, Irene!
              Bonnie Feather

              You will find many ideas in your training course, and also here on the Engage site.  Please do not hesitate to ask for more information and guidance.  The community is LARGE!


              We are all eager to learn more about your situation.  What is your classroom like?  How many students do you have?  Do they wear uniforms?  Do you have technology such as Internet connection and student computers?


              I am asking many questions, and I hope to learn more about you soon!


              Welcome, Irene!