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    What's New in Early Years Technology - Ages 3 - 8 years?

      Robbie Polan and I have been busy updating an old wiki site - prektechnology.pbworks.com In the past we have used it to share technology tools and activities with teachers of young children and thought that some of our Engage friends might want to look at it and give us some feedback, or perhaps want to share some of their favorite projects. Because I am presenting a workshop at CAST and TCEA that focuses on technology to support math and science, we have chosen to include those types of projects. If you have a Web 2.0 site or iPad app that fits into our focus, please share it with us. This site will soon be shared on the NSTA Early Years blog, so it will be seen by many other EC educators. One exciting thing we are sharing is the new NAEYC technology position statement. It is only in draft form at the moment, but they are really moving forward in their thinking of young children and technology.

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          Hi Gail!


          Just clarifying - you would like us to share any iPad App or Web 2.0 tool that supports math and science for primary students?

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            Bonnie Feather

            I am in the process of reading the Draft NAEYC statement.  I promise I'll be back to add some comments to this thread.


            My County is participating in a grant along with the state PBS affiliate.  We will be piloting some apps on iPads in a couple of preschool programs in the coming year.


            Technology in PreK is a controversial topic, and I hope to learn more about it in the coming year.



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              Bonnie Feather

              I have read through the position statement document.


              I am in Arizona- Flagstaff!


              The statement shows some real change in the last few years.  Several years ago I was reading that technology was not thought to be appropriate for children up to some age- an age I felt rather old.  Though I do not remember the study(ies) I have kept that statement in mind. 


              Technology has changed so much, and its infusion into everyday life has been swift for many families and children.  As the statement notes, there is a substantial divide regarding the availability and exposure to the technology for some children in poverty.


              I was surprised at the conclusion that "Educators must ensure equity by providing opportunities for all children to participate and learn in an environment in which technology tools have been integrated (Judge, Puckett, & Cahok 2004)  Based on that study and the ISTE tech standards, it goes on to say that "Early childhood programs have an obligation to use technology to bridge the digital divide."


              Oh, my!  Early childhood education programs are not funded in every state.  That means that privately funded preschools are likely to have such tools and non-funded ones are likely to not have them.


              This seems to me to perpetuate the divide.  While I agree that technology can be used in thoughtful ways to enhance a child's experience and that educators need training to understand how best to evaluate and choose the technology tools and how to integrate them, I am a bit wistful for the days when "enrichment" in the early childhood setting was more about personal interaction, language development, and conceptual experiences.


              I love tech and love using it with young children, but I have some fear about institutionalizing it.


              What do others think?